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My Thoughts on China's Development

Source: Science and Technology Daily| 2021-11-04 09:56:56| Author: Asad Khalil

Dr. Asad Khalil (PHOTO provided by the author)

By Asad Khalil

Self-reliance and maintaining the world peace are the pillars of Chinese development philosophy. This philosophy has evolved around featuring innovative, coordinated, green and open development for all, and building a beautiful China. To realize and attain these development goals, China primarily relies on its national capabilities as well as innovation and continuum reform process.

In the international arena, the Chinese Dream has positioned China as a modernized and developed country that strives to improve the welfare of its citizens, spread peace and stability as well as promoting interconnectivity among countries and nations.

After a decade of experience in China as a foreign expert, I can describe China in three words: comfortable, developed and safe. To convey my opinions about China, I may need to write a book, but if it comes to an article, I can highlight a few things that impressed the most.

The Belt and Road Initiative

The Belt and Road Initiative constituted a strategic shift at the level of international relations in the world as it relies on partnership and common interests instead of the hegemonic attempts pursued by other great powers in the world.

China relies on friendship, harmonious and peaceful coexistence and serving the common interests which resulted in a giant leap into improving the socioeconomic conditions and national security of all countries participating in this initiative and enhancing stability and prosperity worldwide. That reflects the deep-rooted values of Chinese culture and heritage. In addition to its significant role in promoting economic growth, this initiative creates opportunities for coordinating the development strategies and infrastructure interconnectivity between China and countries along the Belt and Road routes.

Strong economy

China's transformation into one of the world's greatest economic powers took less than seventy years. That is due to a series of economic reforms that have significantly improved the life of the Chinese people and lifted millions out of poverty by opening trade routes and attracting investment.

China has been striving to strengthen partnerships and promote the connectivity among countries by promoting policies and regulations that foster a sustainable business environment and continuous cooperation through all platforms. This strong economy supports great career prospects for expats through creating more job opportunities and increasing the demand for competitive talents and entrepreneurs. Consequently, I believe that China is the new land of opportunities and a great destination. And that is not because of the increasing growth rate of its GDP but because the human capital that China is possessing and investing in.


Innovation is an essential element of China’s 2049 vision, i.e., building a knowledge-based, diversified and flexible economy which is reinforced by the best expertise to ensure the long-term prosperity of China and Chinese people. Accordingly, China is keen to create a creativity-conductive environment.

The vigorous innovation policy, dynamic management, and increased spending on education, science and technology in China are key factors that led the country to embrace its current role as a global innovation leader.

Poverty alleviation

Volunteering in development projects and poverty alleviation programs in remote rural areas in China, enabled me to witness inspiring and successful stories of poverty alleviation. Huge and collective efforts have been put together to empower poor communities. These efforts aimed at laying the foundation for future development, creating job opportunities and increasing the employment rate in in these communities, supporting the resumption of local industries and enterprises. As a result, living standards have been improved and the overall well-being of societies has been boosted.

Green life (Think green)

China is now the world leader in energy conservation and new energy usage. Individuals and local governments all over China are taking the responsibility in creating a new "green life."

"Achieving progress in building ecological civilization" became one of the main goals of China's development goals.

With the increased awareness of "green development" concept, and the implementation of strict policies and laws to promote green development in recent years, the number of blue-sky days has dramatically increased, and the ecological environment has significantly improved. As a law professor, I believe all success is a result of the Chinese law and policy that can predict a better future by making it today.

( Asad Khalilis is a law and international relations professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law.)


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